Bespoke Suit, Bespoke shirt Tailoring for you!

Tailor-made clothing outfits have been a fashion since time immemorial. A dress that looks trendy but is not well fitted is a disaster and you will automatically refrain or keep distance when you saw someone in such fitted suits in commercial meetings, in friends party or even in weddings.

       In general terms Bespoke tailoring or traditional tailoring refers to the customization of an apparel according to the user or wearer’s specific needs. It is cut and crafted from scratch and customized with user requirements which look different from retail shops clothing suits. The high quality fabrics give more comfort and shows clear improvement in one’s personality and style. The factory or mass produced clothes are made in standard sizes and lack the intricate craftsmanship of bespoke clothing.

• How a Bespoke Suit is Made by a Custom Tailor.

A professional tailor measuring takes the circumference of the chest, the waist, measures the back as well as length and circumference of both arms and legs. He also carefully finds the exact position of the arm holes and the degree of the slope of the shoulders. He also checks the arm and side balance, meaning he will check the customer’s body posture i.e. whether he is bent forward, stands in an upright position or has a rounded posture.

Once the measurements are skillfully taken, the cutter draws the patterns on a piece of brawn paper. If you have watched the movie ‘The Tailor of Panorama ‘you might have seen in the opening scene how a tailor drafts a pattern!

The other type of made to measure suits available in the market are different from the custom-made Bespoke suits in a way that they are altered option of ready-to-wear suits and thus they represent short-cut version of Bespoke suits. Most of such suits are made enmass in the factory just like a ready-made garment but by hand process.

• Why one needs to choose a bespoke custom made suits?

The bespoke suits gives one the experience of wearing a unique and authentic design specially crafted and is is wonderful. It’s a primary choice of class one people but now there is a good chance to choose your own design and fabric patterns.

In the bespoke tailoring services one has a multiple brands choice available in the Thailand Market through MAC Custom Tailor, who offer fine wools and silks and mixes and branded fabrics plus customized designs making Bespoke Suits from last 27 plus years in Bangkok, Thailand

Mac Tailor uses high quality fabrics to make custom suits and shirts and provide a quick delivery service too. The experienced tailors and cutters at Mac Tailor provide latest designs, patterns and fitted suits for years to last.

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