Best Tailoring Shop in Thailand!

I landed at Donmuang on 4 th December 1992 late evening . Got a day off and 6 th December I was at Boss Collections( that was the first name of our shop). I learned that the shop started operating since 26 th June 1992. It was
tailoring business run by working partner ( my older brother) due investment of my boss( his boss and majority partner) . I got a try month without any pay till end of the month and having liked my selling skills , Boss hired me and my training as well as assisting my brother started . Then was posted at another store near River city and yet to another store of our Boss near Shangrila Hotel and reposted back to this store in December 1994 having gone through training for about 2 years. Back here I got extra training in cutting ladies blouse and skirt etc besides handling accessory machines as well as understanding accessories etc. as well as was responsible for taking care of the store too as the manager. Soon my brother transferee his 25% shares too me .

In 1996 after 2 years of working I was offered the business in full for a sum which took me until 2003 to clear and from then on it was my show . So technically I owned the business since 1996 but could be off my dues and loans only after 2003. I got lucky with the landlord and bought the property in 2008 through the Bank and we are still paying for it .

Business was conducted more as do unto others as you want others to do unto you since 1996. But since all people who came over ,!be it serious customers or enquirers or even people asking for directions , all were treated with respect. Help upto your best possible. Humanity comes before all else.

Early 2000s itself we learned to use a part of our profits to help the less fortunate which is one of the fundamentals of Sikh Religion anyway.

Changing with times we try our best to keep up with the virtual way of serving though find serving here in bangkok to be more fun and satisfying. 3 of us manage the store which is smaller in size than when started in 1992 but yes with so many customers and friends and well wishers there is no looking back .

Thanks to our dear customers , well wishers and friends for their business that we find satisfaction in our way of life giving fellow humans happiness by helping them get fine tailored clothes at affordable prices and in return also helping good helping hands make decent money to take care of their family and kids and their good education .