How a Custom Suit Achieves that Extra Elegance

In many ways there are sayings that attempt to summarize the perfect adulation for fine stitching. “If you are out to describe the truth, leave the elegance to the tailor” Albert Einstein. These symbolic words though attempt to express the deeper passion that exerts Bangkok custom tailors to push the borders of elegance and finesse to its logical conclusion.

Shopping at BTS Nana Bangkok is a world of pleasure and the chance to experience the true and perfect rendering of this adulation and praise. Elegance in any suit gives the raison d’être(reason for living) and validation of tailor skills. There is an almost enigmatic proportion to the BTS Nana custom suit quality that gives some special skill or enables such perfect union.

Bangkok Fine Tailor

Personalized Inner Lining

To the uncritical eye that can pass as another itemization but a perfect suits class can only be defined with tasteful extras that highlight its creed, class and quality. Emphasizing even small details matter.

Initial Embroidery

When a suit is stitched to individual tastes its true character takes on all the forms of its personalization like intricate embroidery of names or initials of client with character and in colors and threads that ooze eclectic elegance. That’s a step forward for the pursuit of elegance.

Buttonhole Personalization

Similarly each suit and item on it presents an opportunity for furthering the class appeal and finesse. There are suits that will show even the exquisite way in which buttonholes can be done for the complement of the entire cast of apparels and accessory.

Matching the Fabric Tone and Thread Color

Noticing small holes and small points of stitch emphasis for durability can be hard given the extreme level of attention and muting fabric colors with the best and highly skilled handmade suit stitching. Making an elaborate attempt at elegant dapperness.

A custom suit here gains a different stature with all facets and inputs at elegance given a look in perfect synchrony.

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The Realm of Inspired BTS Nana Custom Suit Tailor

The next time you walk into any one of the custom suit tailor shops it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the mountains and drawers of richly displayed fabrics, sleek looking finished suits and dresses, overcoats, women’s skirts and blouses and as many different accessories. To the discerning eye, there is a lot more to the tailor’s artistic presentation than meets the eye. A great sense of detail and easy access to the required fabrics is already emphasized.

With these attributes and skills shopping in central Bangkok especially around BTS Nana becomes a unique privilege and advantage from accomplished tailors. The desire for all the ingredients in a famous and wonderfully laid out area attracts not only curiousity but the high grade sense of appreciation and admiration.

Shopping near BTS NANA station

What Possibly Makes the Unique Difference and Appeal?

Great Deal of Complementary and Affordable Accessories – accessories make a custom suit attain its true embodiment and class. Given the near royal and classical tailoring of Bangkok, affordable elegance is not that hard to conjure.

Attractive Boulevard and Kerbside Merchandise – nonchalant and unassuming can be hard to make up yet the stylish display of the various choices is hard to ignore. Goods ranging from the common to sophisticated and the unique bargains at the street side.

BTS Nana Shopping Experience Has it All – even with things aside from the fashion and custom suits, the proximity to several enterprising malls takes you through a maze of wonderful sights bringing some transforming ideas and experiences.

Here the Custom Tailor is a Unique Brand by Itself – the amount of illuminated path ways and street lights hold out to some hidden value within. Some may be just bland lamp post signs while others are the exquisitely done interior of fine premises.

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Right Colors for Men This Season

Know all about colors going to be a rage this season!

In order to present yourself as stylish, it is necessary to remain up-to-date. You must keep altering your wardrobe and keep welcoming the new trends which enter with every new season. Same we can say about the colors. With summer, new season is in, and it is all about the colors. Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year, and its trend can be seen among both women as well as men. But you don’t need to restrict yourself with just one color, as there are several vibrant colors you can include in your collection and surprise the world with your unique choice and personality.

So while going for a shopping trip for this season, keep the below mentioned things in mind. Also, as you are in Bangkok, shopping near BTS NANA Station/Pathumwan must be your target, as this place is termed as a sort of fashion hub, and is known for offering wide variety in fashionable clothing.

variety of suits color

Give a rest to black

Black has been there and will remain there forever, but going for pastel colors, which provide warm and soft image to men, comes as a right choice as they’ll give a breath of fresh air to your personality. Speaking of colors, red, pink and blue, are hues which every man must own. Absolutely charming, these colors are a big go for this season.

Colored accessories

If you are someone who never went for bright colors in outfits before, then, start by adding a pop of color to your appearance by throwing in accessories in bright colors. After all, color is a wardrobe staple, and you can wear it in the form of ties, belts, shoes, etc.

Color should complement your skin tone

Ultimately, keep in mind that the color must go with your skin tone. For instance, lighter to medium colors go best with pale skin tone, while people with dark skin tone must go with bright colors.

Follow these rules and you’re ready to pull off any appearance!

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Bespoke tailoring giving a new definition to women’s personality!

Trends change every season, especially fashion trends. What’s in today may turn old-fashioned the very next day. So there is seldom a clear picture. But there are few styles which have been here since long, and with each day these style trends are blooming all the more. And same can be said about custom-tailoring, which is gaining more and more prominence with each passing day. Bangkok is indeed synonymous to custom tailoring, and people from all walks of life come to this city for the bespoke tailoring facility it offers.

Women’s love for bespoke tailoring

Majority of males in the city opt for custom tailoring option, and now this trend is strongly considered by their women counterparts as well. As the corporate trend is highly active in Bangkok, so business attires for women are available in wide varieties. And, as custom tailoring is what most women opt for these days, so shopping in Pathumwan could just be the right choice so you.

Women Bangoko Tailor

Best fabrics are used

Experiencing Bespoke tailoring in Bangkok will definitely turn out to be a pleasurable experience, as here you get variety of fabrics and unique design options. The textiles used by the tailors are high-on comfort and they are able to survive cleanings.

The fit is kept in mind

In custom-tailoring, fitting plays a significant role. Everything from trousers, dresses, blouses, suits, skirts have to be perfectly fit. Reason why tailor-made clothing is much-loved is due to the individualistic features it endows to the clothing. They are stitched specially for you and to suit for personality.

No dearth of options for ladies

Earlier the custom-made tailoring was to an extent limited to office-wear, such as suits, trousers and blouses, but today even the dresses are being stitched to perfection. From party-wear dresses, office-going-dresses to casual-dresses, you can get them all stitched.

Include your name in the list of fashionistas, going for tailor-made clothing option!

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Things to Include in Your Bangkok Shopping Trip

The famed Bangkok train station (BTS near Nana) is in itself an iconic attraction just as the many items and goods available on offer for the shopper. Perhaps, one thing high on most tourist minds is Bangkok tailor custom fitting suits that the city is famous for. There can be numerous outlets yet the essence remains on staying focused on the quality of service. Quality in brands and excellence of long time service cannot be manufactured overnight. However, a quick perusal of shopping attributes gives some insights.

shopping in Bangkok

What to Buy, Where to Buy


The attractive stalls and shops will bring a sentiment of splurge as they are artistically presented and layered with several brands and imitations of famous designers.


Some give an impressive presentation of Thai art and culture interspersed with the effects of modernity. The oriental impressions are not something to overlook as they reflect the cosmic look of Asian values.

Artifacts and Crafts

Impressive, colorful and filled with the creative skill of the artisans they reflect the Thailand culture in different light as well as historical reflections.

Custom suits

Though choices and preference may vary but important above all is the consistent search for quality tailors and shops. BTS Nana leads to many important landmarks and Bangkok tailor shops. It’s just as well better to focus on the creative genius, fabrics and the unique individual styling.

Going to a big city is often mixed feeling one with expectations of grandeur and exoticism or simply not knowing what to expect and find. Some cities though going to them even for the very first time brings lots of excitement and Bangkok is no different. The merriment and upbeat mood is no doubt a different enhancer about the cities character. One of the famous things it’s known for is surely shopping. Landmarks in the city aid the sojourners in many ways as they point out the hubs and busy points for any shopping need.

While shopping for some may take a long time than necessary its best to have a clear shopping strategy to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

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