Do Shirt Collar Styles Matter to You?

Absolutely, and are always given the highest regard by most Pathumwan tailors in the design of proper dress shirts. Collars are the first point of contact (neck) while adorning graceful fabrics and add oodles of charisma to style. They capture the suits essence in entirety somewhat by bringing out the true appeal of the tie with proper knots. A well addressed and primed shirt collar surely makes the world go round with appreciative compliments.

There are several collar styles and by knowing your face disposition i.e. round, square, rectangular or oval can help chose better and appropriate collar design. But what are the different shirt collars and their inherent style positives for different faces.


Shirt Collar Styles


Dress Shirt Collar Styles and Designs for Different Faces

Cut Away – varying in the sharpness of edge cut it can adorn the square face easily bringing modern twist to dress shirt styling.  

Button Down – the sporty and casual look collar essentially is a sports looking collar or for casual wear dressing. It pins the collar to the shirts upper chest spread but it can be used for decent office wear. Hidden or visible they are practical style favorites.

Classic Band – the Mandarin or the Nehru jacket look have similar style and appears well set on a round face but just as well adapts to fit most face features quite well since its generally ceremonial wear.Classic band collars are also adapted for daily wear in classic fabric shirts like silk or linen.

Spread Collar – the spread in a variety of formation brings some sartorial uniqueness to the dress shirt.Also varying in depth and edge cut they are the best and timeless look collars that bring out great tie knots.

Straight Collar – the quintessential conservative shirt collar still gives a punch especially on classic dress shirts. Rectangular faces may find it a style favorite but just as well the square one. It makes a simple Windsor tie knot look eclectic and refined.

Wing Tip or Tab – Collars embody good dress shirt appeal like these two styles.

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Practical Ways to Stylish and Modern Fits

Most people believe and think dressing well is a function of costly and expensive outfits out there in the high end malls and shops. This is rather flawed and wrong way to approach great and stylish looks for an enhanced image. There are several ways one can enhance their image and dress quotient with just the improved and positive aspects of their preferred designs and without the high expenditure one supposes.

Perhaps, it all comes down to what one attaches significance to i.e. cost or stylish image enhancement. Next to the Escalator of BTS Sky train Station of National Stadium are as many practical ways to build great wardrobes giving due diligence and importance to the basics.


Practical Ways to Stylish and Modern Fits


Ways to Build Stylish Wardrobes and Perfect Fits  

Building a great wardrobe takes a few but important steps that help define your status and personality through your eclectic choices.


-Perfect Fit and Measured to Size – stitching right and comfortable size is always definitive and brings a sense of great taste. However, more than that it is the perfect catalyst to trendy wardrobes that add sartorial glitz to any image enhancement exercise through stylish fits and designs.

-Creative Color Options are Wardrobe Dynamics – there is a dose of heightened appeal through the grace of color and dye. Color is also a dynamic as it makes every new day a different experience in your chosen and preferred color tones that best define your personality. The colors add a fashionable edge to fabrics and wardrobe collection to display a different sizzle each time you step out.  

-New Materials and Textures Create Variety of Fabric Choices and add Trendy Substance – variety, texture and feel as well trendy modern dressing is always dynamic and changing so fast. Making adjustments instantly add’s a punch to your sartorial glow efforts.

-Accessories Enhance Individual Look and Style Preference – whatever wardrobes there are out there only accessories define your style preference better and eloquently. They come in various tones and designs to make you choose what best suits your taste.

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How to Wear the Tuxedo

Tuxedos are part of the well dressed mans fashion go to and also the standard black tie invitation function wear. From weddings, balls, galas, awards and theatre premieres tuxedos are the essential male’s preference and appearance. By giving model code of dressing to grand functions the tuxedo is an all time fashion accessory. Sometimes though, there are obvious assumptions that the casual Friday ‘uniform’ look of golf shirts and khakis are trendy yet ruin many chances to show the bet stylish mark on the sartorial level.

Predictability and routine in style has its flaws and shortcomings especially at purely formal wear invitation functions. So how does one wear tuxedos and look fabulous rocking its luxurious and sophisticated appeal? These few points and areas must be looked into with precise and smart skill for the ultimate gentleman finale while shopping at BTS Nana.


Best Tuxedo Suits


Points to Mark Out While Wearing or Planning to Wear the Tuxedo

Single Breast or Double Breast – for timeless style single breast coats are always in style and preferred. For taller and larger men the double breast is more appropriate.

Shirts – crisp clean cotton white shirts add a high glamour quotient since it gels and fits with most colors effortlessly.

Bow Tie or Tie – self tied black bow ties and ties are a hallmark of impressive custom quality. Pre-tied ties take away that excellence and exclusiveness as they appear routine and humdrum.

Cuff Links – in most cases the color and tone of shirts should determine the hue of the cufflinks but presumably in stainless steel or silver are all time impressive.

Cummerbunds – wearing cummerbund pleats facing upward is an old tradition with dual quality as old ticket pocket. Besides it adds a sense of difference from the common and practiced flow of present.

Black Shoes – tuxedos have always been synonymous with black shoes and for most it is the only lasting impressive symbol. Black formal dress shoes with good polished shine are timeless.

Add an impressive relaxed persona that completes modern tuxedo look.

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Perfect Guide to Women’s Better Fitting Dress Suits

Dress suits have always been carrying this royal charm, and hence they suitably find a place in wardrobes of fashion-conscious women. They bring versatility and feminine attributes with such ease and stylishness. Today most ladies favor these dress suits and it has transformed the style sense of working and modern women entirely. Hence, it won’t be wrong to conclude that it’s just the modern sartorial fashion statement, which is every bit of elegant and high-on-style.

So what makes the dress suits the quintessential perfection for female elegance. Well, there are definitely important things to know while shopping at BTS Nana or buying and giving the dress suit for bespoke tailoring. It requires some fashionable choices in terms of the best fabrics available and it comes in handy if one keeps in mind the latest styles and designs that are impacting the fashion scene. With so much to choose from, the style sense is only getting better and improved day by day, whereas this sartorial guide is breakthrough step by step analysis to better fitting dress suits.


Precise Measurements


Precise Measurements

Correct measurements are still the number one need to ensure your dress suit flatters and enhances your personality and stature.

Bust – Knowing the exact bust size is good starting point to ensure comfort and style, as for the classy fit, knowing right measurements is must.

Waist – Waist should be measured with regard to a relaxed belly without intending to appear lean or small, as right fit has a lot to do with comfort.

Hips – For this as well, the emphasis is on comfort rather exaggerated or puffed look. It may distort all areas for a perfect fit. If possible have some professional help or friend assist in the fittings.  

Height and Posture – Height is crucial to determine the exact draping pan out as well as length of the body fabric. It also helps in determining the amount of fabric needed for your dress suit. Posture should be straight but not entirely stiff, given strides and bends are necessary when wearing dress suit.

Neck and Shoulder – Getting precise and correct measurements around, gives most women the progressive look of custom made clothes.

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