New Character and Design of the Suit Vest

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Three piece suits have been fashionable for a very long time now. And with their classic part ‘baptized’ as the waistcoat the simple and stylish suit vest has had an elaborate impact on presentation of a three-piece custom-made suit perhaps even better of personal image. They have been and are major part of building suit character worth the accolades and praises.


Types of Suit Vests    

Five Button Two Pocket – The standard look on this vest brings a versatile stitch of flawless body fit and measurements to craft an elegant custom-made suit vest that compliments the three-piece suit.

Vest Suits1



Six Button Two Pocket – The long symmetrical collection of classic buttons add a touch of beautiful difference with great styling in proper fitting cuts. They also create an artistic presentation of the wearer’s body shape or visage as well as compliment, flatter and look best on taller people.    Vest Suits 2



Five Button 4 Pocket – They are fashionably trendy and fulfill the need for difference or even creative fashion statement which makes these vests an apt place to start. With neat and clean slate like appearance this newly engineered look is a breakaway from the standard formality of two or three pockets. Well aligned pockets add a stamp of personal preference and style.

Vest Suits 3



Dual Row 10 Button Three Pocket – Set in the design of the double breast suit this new innovation in vest design adds a dashing touch to any suit especially the classical button alignment, v-neck design and the sharp cut look that makes for sartorial exuberance.

Vest suits4


Whether it’s the traditional notch lapel, shawl lapel, high neck, v-neck, round and v-neck, deep triangle cut their similarities tend emphasize slit pockets and aligning v-cut at bottom. This creates a sharp impression of great styling.

N.B. – as a fundamental practice to good suit etiquette the last button on the suit vest is never button just like the coat.