Practical Ways to Stylish and Modern Fits

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Most people believe and think dressing well is a function of costly and expensive outfits out there in the high end malls and shops. This is rather flawed and wrong way to approach great and stylish looks for an enhanced image. There are several ways one can enhance their image and dress quotient with just the improved and positive aspects of their preferred designs and without the high expenditure one supposes.

Perhaps, it all comes down to what one attaches significance to i.e. cost or stylish image enhancement. Next to the Escalator of BTS Sky train Station of National Stadium are as many practical ways to build great wardrobes giving due diligence and importance to the basics.


Practical Ways to Stylish and Modern Fits


Ways to Build Stylish Wardrobes and Perfect Fits  

Building a great wardrobe takes a few but important steps that help define your status and personality through your eclectic choices.


-Perfect Fit and Measured to Size – stitching right and comfortable size is always definitive and brings a sense of great taste. However, more than that it is the perfect catalyst to trendy wardrobes that add sartorial glitz to any image enhancement exercise through stylish fits and designs.

-Creative Color Options are Wardrobe Dynamics – there is a dose of heightened appeal through the grace of color and dye. Color is also a dynamic as it makes every new day a different experience in your chosen and preferred color tones that best define your personality. The colors add a fashionable edge to fabrics and wardrobe collection to display a different sizzle each time you step out.  

-New Materials and Textures Create Variety of Fabric Choices and add Trendy Substance – variety, texture and feel as well trendy modern dressing is always dynamic and changing so fast. Making adjustments instantly add’s a punch to your sartorial glow efforts.

-Accessories Enhance Individual Look and Style Preference – whatever wardrobes there are out there only accessories define your style preference better and eloquently. They come in various tones and designs to make you choose what best suits your taste.

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How to Wear the Tuxedo

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Tuxedos are part of the well dressed mans fashion go to and also the standard black tie invitation function wear. From weddings, balls, galas, awards and theatre premieres tuxedos are the essential male’s preference and appearance. By giving model code of dressing to grand functions the tuxedo is an all time fashion accessory. Sometimes though, there are obvious assumptions that the casual Friday ‘uniform’ look of golf shirts and khakis are trendy yet ruin many chances to show the bet stylish mark on the sartorial level.

Predictability and routine in style has its flaws and shortcomings especially at purely formal wear invitation functions. So how does one wear tuxedos and look fabulous rocking its luxurious and sophisticated appeal? These few points and areas must be looked into with precise and smart skill for the ultimate gentleman finale while shopping at BTS Nana.


Best Tuxedo Suits


Points to Mark Out While Wearing or Planning to Wear the Tuxedo

Single Breast or Double Breast – for timeless style single breast coats are always in style and preferred. For taller and larger men the double breast is more appropriate.

Shirts – crisp clean cotton white shirts add a high glamour quotient since it gels and fits with most colors effortlessly.

Bow Tie or Tie – self tied black bow ties and ties are a hallmark of impressive custom quality. Pre-tied ties take away that excellence and exclusiveness as they appear routine and humdrum.

Cuff Links – in most cases the color and tone of shirts should determine the hue of the cufflinks but presumably in stainless steel or silver are all time impressive.

Cummerbunds – wearing cummerbund pleats facing upward is an old tradition with dual quality as old ticket pocket. Besides it adds a sense of difference from the common and practiced flow of present.

Black Shoes – tuxedos have always been synonymous with black shoes and for most it is the only lasting impressive symbol. Black formal dress shoes with good polished shine are timeless.

Add an impressive relaxed persona that completes modern tuxedo look.

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Perfect Guide to Women’s Better Fitting Dress Suits

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Dress suits have always been carrying this royal charm, and hence they suitably find a place in wardrobes of fashion-conscious women. They bring versatility and feminine attributes with such ease and stylishness. Today most ladies favor these dress suits and it has transformed the style sense of working and modern women entirely. Hence, it won’t be wrong to conclude that it’s just the modern sartorial fashion statement, which is every bit of elegant and high-on-style.

So what makes the dress suits the quintessential perfection for female elegance. Well, there are definitely important things to know while shopping at BTS Nana or buying and giving the dress suit for bespoke tailoring. It requires some fashionable choices in terms of the best fabrics available and it comes in handy if one keeps in mind the latest styles and designs that are impacting the fashion scene. With so much to choose from, the style sense is only getting better and improved day by day, whereas this sartorial guide is breakthrough step by step analysis to better fitting dress suits.


Precise Measurements


Precise Measurements

Correct measurements are still the number one need to ensure your dress suit flatters and enhances your personality and stature.

Bust – Knowing the exact bust size is good starting point to ensure comfort and style, as for the classy fit, knowing right measurements is must.

Waist – Waist should be measured with regard to a relaxed belly without intending to appear lean or small, as right fit has a lot to do with comfort.

Hips – For this as well, the emphasis is on comfort rather exaggerated or puffed look. It may distort all areas for a perfect fit. If possible have some professional help or friend assist in the fittings.  

Height and Posture – Height is crucial to determine the exact draping pan out as well as length of the body fabric. It also helps in determining the amount of fabric needed for your dress suit. Posture should be straight but not entirely stiff, given strides and bends are necessary when wearing dress suit.

Neck and Shoulder – Getting precise and correct measurements around, gives most women the progressive look of custom made clothes.

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Amazing Durability and Endurance Attributes of Fine Cotton

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Cotton is a versatile fabric with amazing array of fine fabric types that are some of the best inputs for the classic shirts and the colorful tone of charismatic trousers. It has created some of the most striking and indeed fashionable products that have graced the dynamic wardrobe shelves with inspiring designs. There are several ways cotton has been harnessed to create the best fabric of all time an seasons.

There are a variety of fine cotton grades and qualities depending on the length of fibers. One of the earliest fibers to be spun into yarn for fabric manufacture it has served a lot of purposes and uses. From varying grades and regions around the world its imperial stature rides on some amazing attributes among the natural fibers like linen, wool or even silk. For many Bangkok tailors next to the BTS Sky train station of national stadium it is the natural ingredient for classic tailoring.


Top Quality Fabrics For Your Suit

Outstanding Attributes of Perfect Natural Cotton

LongLasting and Washable

With stretched and long fibers the yarn is given to last long and provide the continuous tone of comfort.

Absorbency and Comfort

Even with spills or accidental showers the need for comfort is always prevalent. A fabrics higher propensity to absorb and retain comfort is the best to use be it in travel or just a weekend vacation. It adds a better protection to the skin with an absorbent fabric fro nature’s elements.

Top Quality Fabrics For Your Suit

Soft Texture

The softness and lack of rough friction on the body even as one moves is a dynamic plus. Sometimes in hot and cold climate that makes it snug or comfortable to wear. It’s attribute that symbolizes an all year round wear.

Top Quality Fabrics For Your Suits


The aeration and the capability to breathe make the fabric a natural choice for the extended warmth and adapted versatility. Everyone needs and wants a fabric that accords this feature.

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5 Amazing Styles for an Impressive Look

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Dressing up and getting complimented are part and parcel of the human way of socializing and developing the style credo. There are many things to reap when one travels for the sheer excitement and thrill of getting one of the best custom suits fittings at Bangkok. And one of these stylish makeovers and attempts should come at no extreme levels trying saves passionate will to appear stylish. Located in the centre of Bangkok just outside the lane of Famous Jim Thompson Museum lies an amazing treasure trove of fashion that will inspire, exhilarate you and enamor your preconceived fashion beliefs.

Pastels, floral, creams, pinks, eternal rich grey, the classic blue casual and the plethora of choice is unlimited save for your adventurous side of indulgent shopping and exquisitely rich fabric materials. Step in different, step out transformed with the unique character and style of Pathumwan.


3 Stand Out Style Quotients


Custom Wool Summer Suits

Custom Wool Summer Suits

Wool has been depicted as the winter or cold season wear but with adapting technology here you pick up some of the best world mills wools in exuberant and exciting range of colors like the super 120s, 140s, 150s and 180s lending all weather suit an exalted sense of appearance. Given the adaptation of the fabric to the various weather vagaries there are many options in the windowpane, bold stripes, herringbone or hounds tooth or just the dark charcoal grey favorite and creams and pastels. Suits can be business casual and formal for added versatility.


Chinos and Sky Grey Cotton

Chinos and Sky Grey Cotton

There is an exciting attachment to the chinos relaxed and evening or time away from the office wear. They adapt to the weather and are summer favorites even combining and rhyming with the t-shirt look.


Vibrant Color Dress Shirts    

Vibrant Color Dress Shirts

Custom shirts come in amazing textures and hues and are the perfect antidote for that eclectic style statement. They rise in the number of tones and designs to bring versatility and dynamism to drab wardrobes.


Quality Ties

Quality Ties

Ties emphasize the caliber of wearer and transform simpletons to celebrity. From suits and semi casual looks adapting this accessory very much enhances appearance.

Appearance conveys a lot about character and personality.

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Football and Custom Suits

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For most world cup football fans and enthusiasts there are quite a few occasions the custom suit will show up on the touchlines with managers and team support staff as well as embody the players other sartorial caliber. Yes custom suits have a lot in common with soccer inspiring the game on several occasions.

These are some of the distinctive similarities between the passionate game of soccer that enthralls so many around the world that it makes for a small comparative synopsis interesting.


Football and Custom suuit


Interesting Similarities on Custom Dressing and Football

Built Around Individual Fits and Measurements    

Most jerseys (player’s football apparel) are built to fit certain players well with focus on player comfort, stretch, sizes and dimensions. They articulate the fashionable and meticulous great skills in custom fashion.

Functional on Touchlines and Bespoke Outfitting

Watching the manager’s egging and encouraging the player put some extra inspiration into the craft is akin to the designer’s test when clients step in for an extra fitting session. A meticulous attempt at precise fit and flawless attribute.

Stand Out Look

Being uniquely designed for a particular size and impression there is possibility to deliver a knock out performance. They stand out even in defeat as the epitome of classical fitting wear bringing accolades.

Football Enthralls, Custom Suits Awe

A tendency to command the attention even from minor angles and moments. A classical goal or dribble is just as mesmerizing as an ensemble built from impeccable fabrics and capturing wearer’s size and dimensions.

Unique Ingredients  

Most of the ingredients in a soccer ball are from special latex built to withstand long hours of kick and endurance. It forms the basis for good sheen, long play and durability. Similarly, custom suit fabrics are from high quality fabrics like fine cotton ranges, super 120, 140 and 180s wool for strong fibers and shiny effect of finished suits.

Custom suits and football find resonance chord in custom built.

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Traditional and Versatile Women’s Dress Colors

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Sometimes there is something curious and unique looking at the sartorial elegance one carries with great poise and grace. Women’s clothes are incredible statements in great fashion translated into physical appearance. The truth is everyone loves to be complimented on a great dress or pant suit. Women’s clothing has seen a lot of dynamic progress and shift with interesting style shifts and changes. Summer as the temperatures mount and the mercury skyrockets there are colors that will flow well with mood and the feel of the moment. This is seen in traditional summer staples of olive green, pink, white, yellow, orange, red or even mint blue and many floral inspirations add a touch of legitimate attraction. There is a lot of versatility to women’s wear options.

For shopping in central Bangkok the variety and the color palette gets a depth hue and choice range. Many custom suit and custom dress tailors endeavor to give the client the best of the choice fabrics range available. Some of these color designs have remarkable and enduring style improvisation.

women dress color

Creative Women’s Dress Color Designs

Red- even with the fiery and sedate look it’s a stunner and most likely to attract attention. This dress color has the dynamic possession for both grand style and passive casual look in varying shades.

Pink-it’s an eternal embodiment of feminine grace and appeal with softening and delicate looks. Alluded to that it makes dresses look so delicate and empowering for the female.

Olive Green-the dark but rare shade is exotic almost taking that from the nature of olives. Though, contrasting olive green is very much a natural favorite for the summer refreshing look.

White-it may be the best bet but hard to maintain spotless yet breathable fabrics in this hue like cotton achieve their best characterization.

Orange and Yellow-for a youthful and peppy look of sunshine dresses in this range can be adapting well to beach environment but more so to brighten up drab moods.

Mint blue can be classic and inspiring look even for fresh office wear.

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How a Custom Suit Achieves that Extra Elegance

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In many ways there are sayings that attempt to summarize the perfect adulation for fine stitching. “If you are out to describe the truth, leave the elegance to the tailor” Albert Einstein. These symbolic words though attempt to express the deeper passion that exerts Bangkok custom tailors to push the borders of elegance and finesse to its logical conclusion.

Shopping at BTS Nana Bangkok is a world of pleasure and the chance to experience the true and perfect rendering of this adulation and praise. Elegance in any suit gives the raison d’être(reason for living) and validation of tailor skills. There is an almost enigmatic proportion to the BTS Nana custom suit quality that gives some special skill or enables such perfect union.

Bangkok Fine Tailor

Personalized Inner Lining

To the uncritical eye that can pass as another itemization but a perfect suits class can only be defined with tasteful extras that highlight its creed, class and quality. Emphasizing even small details matter.

Initial Embroidery

When a suit is stitched to individual tastes its true character takes on all the forms of its personalization like intricate embroidery of names or initials of client with character and in colors and threads that ooze eclectic elegance. That’s a step forward for the pursuit of elegance.

Buttonhole Personalization

Similarly each suit and item on it presents an opportunity for furthering the class appeal and finesse. There are suits that will show even the exquisite way in which buttonholes can be done for the complement of the entire cast of apparels and accessory.

Matching the Fabric Tone and Thread Color

Noticing small holes and small points of stitch emphasis for durability can be hard given the extreme level of attention and muting fabric colors with the best and highly skilled handmade suit stitching. Making an elaborate attempt at elegant dapperness.

A custom suit here gains a different stature with all facets and inputs at elegance given a look in perfect synchrony.

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The Realm of Inspired BTS Nana Custom Suit Tailor

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The next time you walk into any one of the custom suit tailor shops it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the mountains and drawers of richly displayed fabrics, sleek looking finished suits and dresses, overcoats, women’s skirts and blouses and as many different accessories. To the discerning eye, there is a lot more to the tailor’s artistic presentation than meets the eye. A great sense of detail and easy access to the required fabrics is already emphasized.

With these attributes and skills shopping in central Bangkok especially around BTS Nana becomes a unique privilege and advantage from accomplished tailors. The desire for all the ingredients in a famous and wonderfully laid out area attracts not only curiousity but the high grade sense of appreciation and admiration.

Shopping near BTS NANA station

What Possibly Makes the Unique Difference and Appeal?

Great Deal of Complementary and Affordable Accessories – accessories make a custom suit attain its true embodiment and class. Given the near royal and classical tailoring of Bangkok, affordable elegance is not that hard to conjure.

Attractive Boulevard and Kerbside Merchandise – nonchalant and unassuming can be hard to make up yet the stylish display of the various choices is hard to ignore. Goods ranging from the common to sophisticated and the unique bargains at the street side.

BTS Nana Shopping Experience Has it All – even with things aside from the fashion and custom suits, the proximity to several enterprising malls takes you through a maze of wonderful sights bringing some transforming ideas and experiences.

Here the Custom Tailor is a Unique Brand by Itself – the amount of illuminated path ways and street lights hold out to some hidden value within. Some may be just bland lamp post signs while others are the exquisitely done interior of fine premises.

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Right Colors for Men This Season

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Know all about colors going to be a rage this season!

In order to present yourself as stylish, it is necessary to remain up-to-date. You must keep altering your wardrobe and keep welcoming the new trends which enter with every new season. Same we can say about the colors. With summer, new season is in, and it is all about the colors. Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year, and its trend can be seen among both women as well as men. But you don’t need to restrict yourself with just one color, as there are several vibrant colors you can include in your collection and surprise the world with your unique choice and personality.

So while going for a shopping trip for this season, keep the below mentioned things in mind. Also, as you are in Bangkok, shopping near BTS NANA Station/Pathumwan must be your target, as this place is termed as a sort of fashion hub, and is known for offering wide variety in fashionable clothing.

variety of suits color

Give a rest to black

Black has been there and will remain there forever, but going for pastel colors, which provide warm and soft image to men, comes as a right choice as they’ll give a breath of fresh air to your personality. Speaking of colors, red, pink and blue, are hues which every man must own. Absolutely charming, these colors are a big go for this season.

Colored accessories

If you are someone who never went for bright colors in outfits before, then, start by adding a pop of color to your appearance by throwing in accessories in bright colors. After all, color is a wardrobe staple, and you can wear it in the form of ties, belts, shoes, etc.

Color should complement your skin tone

Ultimately, keep in mind that the color must go with your skin tone. For instance, lighter to medium colors go best with pale skin tone, while people with dark skin tone must go with bright colors.

Follow these rules and you’re ready to pull off any appearance!

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