Do Shirt Collar Styles Matter to You?

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Absolutely, and are always given the highest regard by most Pathumwan tailors in the design of proper dress shirts. Collars are the first point of contact (neck) while adorning graceful fabrics and add oodles of charisma to style. They capture the suits essence in entirety somewhat by bringing out the true appeal of the tie with proper knots. A well addressed and primed shirt collar surely makes the world go round with appreciative compliments.

There are several collar styles and by knowing your face disposition i.e. round, square, rectangular or oval can help chose better and appropriate collar design. But what are the different shirt collars and their inherent style positives for different faces.


Shirt Collar Styles


Dress Shirt Collar Styles and Designs for Different Faces

Cut Away – varying in the sharpness of edge cut it can adorn the square face easily bringing modern twist to dress shirt styling.  

Button Down – the sporty and casual look collar essentially is a sports looking collar or for casual wear dressing. It pins the collar to the shirts upper chest spread but it can be used for decent office wear. Hidden or visible they are practical style favorites.

Classic Band – the Mandarin or the Nehru jacket look have similar style and appears well set on a round face but just as well adapts to fit most face features quite well since its generally ceremonial wear.Classic band collars are also adapted for daily wear in classic fabric shirts like silk or linen.

Spread Collar – the spread in a variety of formation brings some sartorial uniqueness to the dress shirt.Also varying in depth and edge cut they are the best and timeless look collars that bring out great tie knots.

Straight Collar – the quintessential conservative shirt collar still gives a punch especially on classic dress shirts. Rectangular faces may find it a style favorite but just as well the square one. It makes a simple Windsor tie knot look eclectic and refined.

Wing Tip or Tab – Collars embody good dress shirt appeal like these two styles.