Why Ensuring Precise Fitting is Vital for Women’s Perfect Dress

For women dresses are second nature and to most women dressers they are at least a necessity at the basic level of their sartorial tryst and discovery. It confers the most amazingly stylish and adaptable dressing in fashion. Custom dresses have even found better and wide acceptance for the versatile application in terms of functionality or use on many occasions and parties.

Dresses present a feminine grace that is only unique to women and that makes it standard piece of in their wardrobes. Styling this ensemble needs some basic grasp of body shape and correct fitting. For many Bangkok tailors these can be summed up in a few important reasons why correct fittings are necessary for the right look while shopping at BTS Nana.

Wide Application in Terms of Use and Dressing Up


It may be a simple party or the exotic and influential need to make a positive style and personal positive impression like; a job interview, press appearance, award function or reception for wedding each dress should fit the dress code and present an impeccable dress sense and fitting posture.

Choosing Right Dress Patterns and Designs


Some dresses are good for a dinner or night out whereas others are perfect for a classy press appearance. Either way there is a distinctive and versatile approach in apportioning the right dress statement that fits the bill or situation.

Various Fabrics Contour and Adapt Differently

The stretch and adaptability factor is well known for various fabrics and spun fibers or yarns. Therefore making a great fitting and stylish dress looks to ensure room for stride or movement as well as maintain credible warmth and hug for the women wearers.

Every woman wants fitting custom dresses that best capture and flatter her body shape for an enhanced style point and fashionable look.

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What is Canvas or Fused in Modern Custom Suit Design?

Throughout many sartorial generations, Savile Row English canvassed custom suits were always regarded and taken as the standard code for identity and mark of respectful craftsmanship. For one they pioneered the craft as early as mid 16th century to late 17th century in post industrial revolution England. The evolving of modern custom suit styling and construction has always been a progressive story of creativity and adaptability using horsehair and wool construction as the base and foundation of suits inner shell. It also helps give it a remarkable warm feeling especially in cold climates.

In modern times, fused suits have picked up some nuances of the original horse hair craft and made it especially hard to tell the difference even with lapel or pinch tests. However, for Bangkok custom tailors the details are always subtle yet significant and important.

Modern Canvas and Fusible Material  

Custom Suit

Although to naked eyes there may be little difference the two materials overtime adapt differently and even show suits differently.

Difference Between Canvassed and Fused Custom Suits

Custom Suit

Advantages and Benefits of Custom Made Canvassed Suits

There’s significant and noticeable difference on how fully canvassed and fused custom suit drape. Each coat fits and appears on the wearer’s body in a different manner depending on measurements and body shape. For apart from creating perfect harmony of quality materials of the canvas (horse hair wool) it also helps blend of high quality wool fabric to get a uniform construction and appearance.

Better and Enhanced Drapes

Custom Suit

The way suits drape matters a lot for refined appearance of the custom suit as it defines its stronger points flawlessly. The smooth nature of horsehair adds dramatic drape appearance and finish.

Easy Maintenance and Suit Shaping

Custom Suit

The texture, softness and structure of materials allows for adaptation and adjustment of the custom suits to best possible extent on wearers body shape. This is an admirable distinction for the bespoke genre today. More than that it’s an endorsement for quality work and allows for easy suit maintenance.

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