How a Custom Suit Achieves that Extra Elegance

In many ways there are sayings that attempt to summarize the perfect adulation for fine stitching. “If you are out to describe the truth, leave the elegance to the tailor” Albert Einstein. These symbolic words though attempt to express the deeper passion that exerts Bangkok custom tailors to push the borders of elegance and finesse to its logical conclusion.

Shopping at BTS Nana Bangkok is a world of pleasure and the chance to experience the true and perfect rendering of this adulation and praise. Elegance in any suit gives the raison d’être(reason for living) and validation of tailor skills. There is an almost enigmatic proportion to the BTS Nana custom suit quality that gives some special skill or enables such perfect union.

Bangkok Fine Tailor

Personalized Inner Lining

To the uncritical eye that can pass as another itemization but a perfect suits class can only be defined with tasteful extras that highlight its creed, class and quality. Emphasizing even small details matter.

Initial Embroidery

When a suit is stitched to individual tastes its true character takes on all the forms of its personalization like intricate embroidery of names or initials of client with character and in colors and threads that ooze eclectic elegance. That’s a step forward for the pursuit of elegance.

Buttonhole Personalization

Similarly each suit and item on it presents an opportunity for furthering the class appeal and finesse. There are suits that will show even the exquisite way in which buttonholes can be done for the complement of the entire cast of apparels and accessory.

Matching the Fabric Tone and Thread Color

Noticing small holes and small points of stitch emphasis for durability can be hard given the extreme level of attention and muting fabric colors with the best and highly skilled handmade suit stitching. Making an elaborate attempt at elegant dapperness.

A custom suit here gains a different stature with all facets and inputs at elegance given a look in perfect synchrony.

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