What is Canvas or Fused in Modern Custom Suit Design?

Throughout many sartorial generations, Savile Row English canvassed custom suits were always regarded and taken as the standard code for identity and mark of respectful craftsmanship. For one they pioneered the craft as early as mid 16th century to late 17th century in post industrial revolution England. The evolving of modern custom suit styling and construction has always been a progressive story of creativity and adaptability using horsehair and wool construction as the base and foundation of suits inner shell. It also helps give it a remarkable warm feeling especially in cold climates.

In modern times, fused suits have picked up some nuances of the original horse hair craft and made it especially hard to tell the difference even with lapel or pinch tests. However, for Bangkok custom tailors the details are always subtle yet significant and important.

Modern Canvas and Fusible Material  

Custom Suit

Although to naked eyes there may be little difference the two materials overtime adapt differently and even show suits differently.

Difference Between Canvassed and Fused Custom Suits

Custom Suit

Advantages and Benefits of Custom Made Canvassed Suits

There’s significant and noticeable difference on how fully canvassed and fused custom suit drape. Each coat fits and appears on the wearer’s body in a different manner depending on measurements and body shape. For apart from creating perfect harmony of quality materials of the canvas (horse hair wool) it also helps blend of high quality wool fabric to get a uniform construction and appearance.

Better and Enhanced Drapes

Custom Suit

The way suits drape matters a lot for refined appearance of the custom suit as it defines its stronger points flawlessly. The smooth nature of horsehair adds dramatic drape appearance and finish.

Easy Maintenance and Suit Shaping

Custom Suit

The texture, softness and structure of materials allows for adaptation and adjustment of the custom suits to best possible extent on wearers body shape. This is an admirable distinction for the bespoke genre today. More than that it’s an endorsement for quality work and allows for easy suit maintenance.

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Football and Custom Suits

For most world cup football fans and enthusiasts there are quite a few occasions the custom suit will show up on the touchlines with managers and team support staff as well as embody the players other sartorial caliber. Yes custom suits have a lot in common with soccer inspiring the game on several occasions.

These are some of the distinctive similarities between the passionate game of soccer that enthralls so many around the world that it makes for a small comparative synopsis interesting.


Football and Custom suuit


Interesting Similarities on Custom Dressing and Football

Built Around Individual Fits and Measurements    

Most jerseys (player’s football apparel) are built to fit certain players well with focus on player comfort, stretch, sizes and dimensions. They articulate the fashionable and meticulous great skills in custom fashion.

Functional on Touchlines and Bespoke Outfitting

Watching the manager’s egging and encouraging the player put some extra inspiration into the craft is akin to the designer’s test when clients step in for an extra fitting session. A meticulous attempt at precise fit and flawless attribute.

Stand Out Look

Being uniquely designed for a particular size and impression there is possibility to deliver a knock out performance. They stand out even in defeat as the epitome of classical fitting wear bringing accolades.

Football Enthralls, Custom Suits Awe

A tendency to command the attention even from minor angles and moments. A classical goal or dribble is just as mesmerizing as an ensemble built from impeccable fabrics and capturing wearer’s size and dimensions.

Unique Ingredients  

Most of the ingredients in a soccer ball are from special latex built to withstand long hours of kick and endurance. It forms the basis for good sheen, long play and durability. Similarly, custom suit fabrics are from high quality fabrics like fine cotton ranges, super 120, 140 and 180s wool for strong fibers and shiny effect of finished suits.

Custom suits and football find resonance chord in custom built.

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