Perfect Guide to Women’s Better Fitting Dress Suits

Dress suits have always been carrying this royal charm, and hence they suitably find a place in wardrobes of fashion-conscious women. They bring versatility and feminine attributes with such ease and stylishness. Today most ladies favor these dress suits and it has transformed the style sense of working and modern women entirely. Hence, it won’t be wrong to conclude that it’s just the modern sartorial fashion statement, which is every bit of elegant and high-on-style.

So what makes the dress suits the quintessential perfection for female elegance. Well, there are definitely important things to know while shopping at BTS Nana or buying and giving the dress suit for bespoke tailoring. It requires some fashionable choices in terms of the best fabrics available and it comes in handy if one keeps in mind the latest styles and designs that are impacting the fashion scene. With so much to choose from, the style sense is only getting better and improved day by day, whereas this sartorial guide is breakthrough step by step analysis to better fitting dress suits.


Precise Measurements


Precise Measurements

Correct measurements are still the number one need to ensure your dress suit flatters and enhances your personality and stature.

Bust – Knowing the exact bust size is good starting point to ensure comfort and style, as for the classy fit, knowing right measurements is must.

Waist – Waist should be measured with regard to a relaxed belly without intending to appear lean or small, as right fit has a lot to do with comfort.

Hips – For this as well, the emphasis is on comfort rather exaggerated or puffed look. It may distort all areas for a perfect fit. If possible have some professional help or friend assist in the fittings.  

Height and Posture – Height is crucial to determine the exact draping pan out as well as length of the body fabric. It also helps in determining the amount of fabric needed for your dress suit. Posture should be straight but not entirely stiff, given strides and bends are necessary when wearing dress suit.

Neck and Shoulder – Getting precise and correct measurements around, gives most women the progressive look of custom made clothes.

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