Things to Include in Your Bangkok Shopping Trip

The famed Bangkok train station (BTS near Nana) is in itself an iconic attraction just as the many items and goods available on offer for the shopper. Perhaps, one thing high on most tourist minds is Bangkok tailor custom fitting suits that the city is famous for. There can be numerous outlets yet the essence remains on staying focused on the quality of service. Quality in brands and excellence of long time service cannot be manufactured overnight. However, a quick perusal of shopping attributes gives some insights.

shopping in Bangkok

What to Buy, Where to Buy


The attractive stalls and shops will bring a sentiment of splurge as they are artistically presented and layered with several brands and imitations of famous designers.


Some give an impressive presentation of Thai art and culture interspersed with the effects of modernity. The oriental impressions are not something to overlook as they reflect the cosmic look of Asian values.

Artifacts and Crafts

Impressive, colorful and filled with the creative skill of the artisans they reflect the Thailand culture in different light as well as historical reflections.

Custom suits

Though choices and preference may vary but important above all is the consistent search for quality tailors and shops. BTS Nana leads to many important landmarks and Bangkok tailor shops. It’s just as well better to focus on the creative genius, fabrics and the unique individual styling.

Going to a big city is often mixed feeling one with expectations of grandeur and exoticism or simply not knowing what to expect and find. Some cities though going to them even for the very first time brings lots of excitement and Bangkok is no different. The merriment and upbeat mood is no doubt a different enhancer about the cities character. One of the famous things it’s known for is surely shopping. Landmarks in the city aid the sojourners in many ways as they point out the hubs and busy points for any shopping need.

While shopping for some may take a long time than necessary its best to have a clear shopping strategy to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

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