How to Wear the Tuxedo

Tuxedos are part of the well dressed mans fashion go to and also the standard black tie invitation function wear. From weddings, balls, galas, awards and theatre premieres tuxedos are the essential male’s preference and appearance. By giving model code of dressing to grand functions the tuxedo is an all time fashion accessory. Sometimes though, there are obvious assumptions that the casual Friday ‘uniform’ look of golf shirts and khakis are trendy yet ruin many chances to show the bet stylish mark on the sartorial level.

Predictability and routine in style has its flaws and shortcomings especially at purely formal wear invitation functions. So how does one wear tuxedos and look fabulous rocking its luxurious and sophisticated appeal? These few points and areas must be looked into with precise and smart skill for the ultimate gentleman finale while shopping at BTS Nana.


Best Tuxedo Suits


Points to Mark Out While Wearing or Planning to Wear the Tuxedo

Single Breast or Double Breast – for timeless style single breast coats are always in style and preferred. For taller and larger men the double breast is more appropriate.

Shirts – crisp clean cotton white shirts add a high glamour quotient since it gels and fits with most colors effortlessly.

Bow Tie or Tie – self tied black bow ties and ties are a hallmark of impressive custom quality. Pre-tied ties take away that excellence and exclusiveness as they appear routine and humdrum.

Cuff Links – in most cases the color and tone of shirts should determine the hue of the cufflinks but presumably in stainless steel or silver are all time impressive.

Cummerbunds – wearing cummerbund pleats facing upward is an old tradition with dual quality as old ticket pocket. Besides it adds a sense of difference from the common and practiced flow of present.

Black Shoes – tuxedos have always been synonymous with black shoes and for most it is the only lasting impressive symbol. Black formal dress shoes with good polished shine are timeless.

Add an impressive relaxed persona that completes modern tuxedo look.

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