Details are key! We allow you to customize every aspect of your suit or shirt from buttons, linings and fabrics to collar and cuff styles, you name it, You can change it! If the suit you choose says everything about your appearance, then the lining inside reflects your personality. We take “Perfect Fits” very seriously. In case of any dissatisfaction, we will give you a additional services without a word.

When it comes to our jackets, it’s what’s on the inside that counts just as much as the outside. A good jacket doesn’t gain a smooth, rounded form naturally; it requires a layer on the inside to give it a nice curved shape and rich structure. We use a thin layer of horsehair-reinforced cotton to line the inside of our suits. This canvas conforms to your body’s shape, allowing a perfect fit and an elegant look. We’ve chosen world-class fabrics for all of our suits. Their superior quality and construction allows them to enhance the form and drape the garments while reducing undesired stiffness.

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